25min. – $40         50min. – $60      80min. – $85

Soft Clouds:

Long smooth strokes are used to promote relaxation, circulation and ease your muscles. This technique is meant to help you feel as though you are drifting into soft clouds.

Deep Thunder:

Very firm pressure is necessary to relieve the deeper structures of the muscles and connective tissues in specific areas of pain or injuries. To some, this type of treatment can be strong or even painful. But after the storm, you experience a long-lasting sense of relief and improved flexibility. Knots be gone!

Combining Winds:  

Both soft and firm massage strokes are used to relax you and work out tight muscles and knots. Like the winds blowing from East and West, there is a place of harmony somewhere in the between.

Mother Nature:

Pre-natal massage alleviates muscles from aches and pains and helps decrease swelling in the arms and legs. The mother’s body is properly positioned and supported by pillows for this massage. All pregnant mothers require care and maintenance which is why we recommend for you to experience this blissful form of comfort and relief.


Re-balance the body by stimulating the organs through the hands and feet. Pressure, stretching and particular movements will be used for achieving highest results.

** +Add Aromatherapy $20 : Using 100% pure  essential oil extracts of selected blends to any massage **


Signature Treatments

60min  – $75         80min. – $95

Raindrop Balance:

We use powerful antiseptic, immune enhancing, and oxygenating oils to work wonders for sore backs, curved spines and other chronic skeletal problems. Like cool raindrops falling gently, we apply these aromatic drops on your spine and feet one at a time, add some heat and continue with your massage of choice. Open up to Balance and Alignment with this signature treatment.           

Coconut Body:

Enjoy the sweet aroma and warming sensation while the coconut oil works its magic. Coconut oil provides deep moisture, helps strengthen underlying tissues, remove excess dead cells. 100% USDA approved Organic Coconut Oil is melted and applied from head to toe during your massage. Coconut oil is composed of medium-chain-length fatty acids, or triglycerides MCTs which are shown to improve our health by raising the body’s metabolism, and acting as an antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial agent. Coconut oil works well for all skin types and also combats acne. We guarantee you will walk out of your session nourished and glowing!

Hot Jade Stone:           

Melt your tension away and allow the heat of the stones to access the depths beneath your superficial muscles. Jade is a protective stone known to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. The natural properties of the green jade color also promote self-healing, restoring state of balance within the body.